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Behavioral Neuroscience

With a clear focus on the human brain, the course covers a broad range of questions about how the nervous system is organized, how it develops, and how it functions to generate behavior. Students will learn how to integrate our knowledge obtained from different levels of analysis – neurons, circuits, systems – into a coherent understanding of the brain structure and function. The interaction of genes and environment during brain development will also be discussed. Herewith the course lays the ground for other courses in psychology which relate behavior to underlying neural mechanisms. Clinical aspects are included where relevant.


Introdution to Psychology

Pedagogical Approach

Lectures, presentations & discussions

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the basic brain structure and processes
  • Relate brain structures to psychological processes
  • Understand how brain and behavior change
  • Understand how brain function and processes can be modulated
  • Critically evaluate the neuroscience approach to psychology


Final exam

Other Information