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Second/Foreign Language Teaching Methods

This course focuses on the different ways English can be taught. We will examine various methods, their goals (what we can achieve with them), and also what activities can be used to practice them.We will also look at what role teachers and students play in each of these methods. Then we will examine communicative language teaching (CLT) and task-based learning in more detail.


Understanding English as an International Language (EIL) and Levels of Culture.

Pedagogical Approach

Lectures will be reflective, collaborative, and integrative.

Learning Outcomes

● Examine your current instructional strategies for ways to provide active, student-centered learning that helps develop learners’ self-efficacy and supportslifelong learning;● List learning style differences and the needs of diverse learners;● Identify principles and strategies for teaching integrated language skills;● Develop effective activities for listening, speaking, reading, and writing;● Develop a lesson activity that incorporates critical thinking and problem solving skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, decision making, and creativethinking);


Activities , quizes, assignements.

Other Information

should take 5-10 hours to complete. Complete the tasks by the end ofthe week.