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Communication and Collaboration through Linkedin

Communication and collaboration is important in the world today to connect with people and to stay connected with the outside world and with the help of technology distance is not a barrier anymore.

In the present scenario where half of the world is forced to stay indoors commication is possible only through technology and has gained prevalence over all other forms of communications.


Artifact of tool used.

Pedagogical Approach

Of the various tools available, I have selected Linkedin which has many features that will let you to showcase your skills, past and present work experiences, associations with various groups, links to media authored, share or comment on content of others, follow people and organisations with Linkedin pages, search and apply for jobs posted, communicate privately with fellow Linkedin users and endorse skills of others.  

Learning Outcomes

The connectivity and reach which Linkedin provides enables one to stay connected with professionals and friends in your network which helps you to communicate and collaborate with like-mindeed individuals in professional network.

It also enables you to look for other professional opportunities and also stay updated with the changing business environment.


The artifact for this exercise is link provided for my professional linkedin profile.

Other Information