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Course ePortfolio


For the Discovery Exercise for the Creativity Module, in this portfolio I have created an artifact i.e. a video file using Youtube and have provided reflection on the same.


Artifact created from tool selected from EmTechWIKI Discovery Creativity Resources.

Pedagogical Approach

YouTube is a video-sharing site available in nearly every country and over fifty different languages. Anyone with an Internet connection can share content, whether they are organizations with large budgets or an individual with a video camera. The material is organized into channels and users can create their own private channels.

YouTube is an extremely large platform that allows people to upload videos to the internet to inform, entertain, and share things with people around the world. Although many people think of YouTube as an entertainment-based website, the number of educational videos are innumerable. You can teach yourself almost any skill by watching Youtube videos. Youtube is a very useful tool to not only learn things but also to network with other people. So many people have connected through similar interests on Youtube. Even many creators come together and do collaborative videos to enlighten the world. This is a very underrated platform that has absolutely endless possibilities, and the best part of it all — it’s free!

YouTube members can subscribe to the videos of others to be alerted when new videos become available.

Learning Outcomes

In this exercise I was able to create my own video for the Peer graded review assignment for University of Toronto's course on Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age enrolled on Coursera.

I used my Samsung M51 phone to shoot a video and then simply uploaded a video in my Youtube account. I was able to also set privacy settings to Unlisted i.e. only persons having my videos link can view the video and it wont be found through the search feature of Youtube.

The video is a presentation of the topic 'Learning an alternate language'. Baring the grammatical errors in my presentation it was a fun task and helped me learn a lot about what I need to improve in my presentation skills. Thanks to technology of Youtube I was able to share my video easily with others and that too only with selected people.   


Assessment will be peer graded.

Other Information

Link to my Youtube video: