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Introduction To Game Art

This course focuses on an introduction to the artistic designer for video games. Concepts and some practical lessons for fixos. We will use free software which does not require any burden for the student and which are easy to access and understand.


The student will need to know a little about:

  • Basic mathematic
  • Basic of geometry

Pedagogical Approach

We will use the humanistic approach, with technical methods.

Learning Outcomes

  • The student has learned the basic concepts of art in game design;
  • The student leaves the course knowing how to use the tools to reach their goals;
  • The student has learned to research and uses research methods and tools for their work;
  • The student leaves satisfied to have taken this course and divulge it.


We will do online questionnaires and quizzes which will provide us with the student's quality of learning and his current levels of development.

Other Information

Good luck and happy learning time to all students!