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Lifelong Learning with Coursera

Life is an experience and its only meaningful when its filled with learning experiences. In today's modern technology driven world learning new emerging technologies is the only way to keep yourself motivated and progress in life. Hence this course is the most apt learning tool to make the most of the learning process in learning new technologies.



About me:

My life has been fun filled learning journey wherein I have made a career in Finance and have learnt a lot by exploring different fields in Finance including stock markets, accounting in manufacturing, banking and financial services industry. Currently I'm a manager at a French Bank managing a team and hence the concepts of leadership and team management are my current interests which will help me achieve more success.

Of the seven and a half habits of highly successful lifelong learners discussed in the course the habit which most relatable to me is have confidence in yourself. I have always believed that you can do any job or any task if you have a high interest and have the willingness to put in maximum efforts towards learning and performing the job. These two factors are correlational and the higher the interest and efforts the higher will be the success.

Pedagogical Approach

The artifact for lifelong learning selected is Coursera wherein I have completed a course on my goals for being an effective leader. I enrolled and completed the Foundations of Everyday Leadership offered by University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. The artifact is the certificate received on completion of this course available at:


Learning Outcomes

The Foundations of Everyday Leadership course has helped in learning interesting insights on:

1. Leadership roles

2. Individual and Group Decision making

3. Managing Motivation

4. Communication in small groups 


Assessment methodology used for the course was case studies, chapter quizzes and discussions in discussion forums.

Other Information


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