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Religion 110 Understanding Faith

Through the lens of Christian traditions and values, this course will introduce the discipline of Religious Studies through basic concepts such as Scripture, deity, authority, worship and ritual, ethics, the nature of religious experience, and faith. Students will apply this knowledge to analyze faith commitments in other traditions.


Pedagogical Approach

Face to face intructions with 100% online educational resources. Designed to lead the student into research and development of a world view.

Learning Outcomes

knowledge of the various ways of expressing religious and spiritual beliefs. ISLO 1,2, 5 knowledge of various examples of Scripture and religious literature. ISLO 2, 3, 4, 5 knowledge of the teachings and ethical standards of various religious traditions. ISLO 2,7 knowledge of the world-views and concepts of deity associated with various religious traditions. ISLO 2, 5 knowledge of the varieties of worship and ritual associated with different religions of the world. ISLO 1, 2, 5 critical thinking skills as they relate to the academic study of religion. ISLO 3


Students are required to be in class each day, having done the assigned reading and prepared to discuss the topic. The information presented within the context of our meetings will be an integral part of the course, the assignments, and the exams. Attendance will be taken each class period and will be consulted in the computation of the final grades.

Other Information

Research essays are required to be in the Chicago Style of Writing format of citations.