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Managerial Finance I

Required of students pursuing majors and emphases in the School of Business. Covers fundamentals necessary to analyze financial statements, including a statement of cash flows and financial ratio analysis, identifying financial management goals, time value of money, valuation, risk and return characteristics, and capital and cash budgeting.


Prerequisites: ACCT 2010 and STAT 2040 and ECON 2010. FA, SP.

Pedagogical Approach

The course is designed to explain the substantive parts of financial management.

Learning Outcomes

Course Objective       

1. Understand the basics of a career in financial management. [LO 1A]

2. Know how to analyze financial statements (balance sheets and income statements). [LO 1B, 2, 3B, & 3C]

3. Know how to make time-value-of-money calculations. [LO  2]

4. Know how to use a financial calculator. [LO  2]

5. Know how to assess the value of financial assets (securities, projects and businesses) [LO 1A, 1B, 2]

6. Identify and quantify financial risk and its role in financial decision making. [LO 1B, 2, 3B, & 3C]

7. Know how to conduct a capital budgeting analysis. [LO 1A, 1B, 2] 8.          Assess ethics issues in finance. [LO 1A, 1B]


Participation - 10

Problem Sets - 10

Module Quizzes - 10

Case Projects - 25

Three Exams - 15 each


Other Information