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BIB 410: Spiritual Formation & Christian Discipleship

This course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to foundational principles in spiritual formation. Through examaining elements of spiritual disciplines students gain awareness of their faith development. Next, they acquire skills to analyze or evealuate best practices within spiritual formation. They collaborate with peers to facilitate discussions as well as communal faith practices. Finally they demonstrate mastery through creating a spiritual formation project for use in congregational, parachurch, or non-profit settings


Admission and Enrollment in the Regent University Bachelor of Arts Christian Ministry Pastoral Ministry Program

Pedagogical Approach

Open-ended instruction.

Inquiry learning

Experiential learning

Locus of control

Student Centered Learning 

Peer Feedback 

Learning Outcomes

Identify elements and principles of spiritual formation Understand historic progression of spiritual formation

Analyze theories and issues of spiritual formation relative to individuals and communities

Create dynamic spiritual formation experiences while applying spiritual disciplines Apply principles of collaboration to demonstrate community involvement


Student written reflections based on research or reading

Collaboration with peers, mentors, and subject matter experts

Peer feedback

Weekly Discussion Forums

Culminating creation of a Spiritual Formation Project

Other Information

Students will engage assigned course readings along with additonal assigned material 

Course Resources