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Pastoral Care & Counseling

This course will introduce students to pastoral care and counseling in the context of the parish/church. Pastoral care is presented as a critical tool for interpersonal appreciation and responsiveness to individuals operating and dealing with the demands and difficulties of life. Students are expected to refine their relational skills and counseling insights by drawing upon the church, personal, cultural and theological traditions, as well as specific case work from their ministry setting.


CMIN 520, CMIN 525

Pedagogical Approach

100% Online

Learning Outcomes

1. Students will articulate a theological and psychological basis for pastoral care through scores of 80% or better on tests and through written analyses as evaluated by an “acceptable” rating on a rubric.
2. Students will explain, and describe the various principles and models of pastoral care through tests with the score of 80% or better and through written analyses and comparisons assessed as “acceptable” on a rubric.
3. Students will discuss and design, a pastoral care model with an emphasis on delivering transformative pastoral care and counseling in a local church setting through class discussions and written reflection papers and application project as evaluated by an “acceptable” by a score of 80% or better on a rubric.


Graded Assessments Points Percentage


Reflection Paper

Final Paper.

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