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Introduction to Bioethics

This course is intended to introduce students to many of the major issues in clinical bioethics.  The readings include an overview of topics and discussion of some seminal cases.  Students also learn the major ethical theories and principles of bioethics, with a focus on applying these to ethical issues in medicine. 


Eligibility for English Composition I

Pedagogical Approach

Since the focus of this course is clinical ethics, most of the assignments focus on learning to discuss and analyze cases.  To perform this task effectively, students will practice applying major ethical theories, such as Kant's moral theory and Utilitarianism, with an aim towards developing their ability to utilize such application effectively in analyzing medical ethics cases.

Learning Outcomes

Distinguish between bioethical issues and other issues in health care, such as medical and legal issues

Demonstrate an ability to apply major ethical theories as applied to medical ethics issues.

Demonstrate the ability to solve ethical dilemmas in bioethics issues by applying various ethical theories and principles

Develop the ability to provide an effective argument for a position, including the ability to address potential criticisms

Define important medical ethics concepts that affect case analysis and application to cases


There will be a brief application of ethical theories homework assignment, and the rest of the assignments for this course will be in essay form, including brief applications of ethical theories and principles of bioethics, as well as argumentative essays in which students defend a position on medical cases

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