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Introduction to Information Management

Integrates access, retrieval, and evaluation of information in all forms with basic operations of computer use, including email, browser functions, and word processing. Introduces uses of spreadsheet, database, graphics, and presentation programs. Ethical, legal, and socioeconomic issues surrounding information and technology are considered. Provides experience in application of these skills to address diverse information needs and to develop information and technology literacy in support of career, professional, research, and personal needs.
Course: LIB102 - Intro Information Management (1 cr.)

Access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point programs for completing assignments in specific file formats

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes



Assignments Final Project Final Exam

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Course Resources

  • Using Call Numbers
    Using Call Numbers (Tutorial)
    Using call numbers guide
  • net.TUTOR
    net.TUTOR (Tutorial)
    Web searching skills