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Instructional Design Personal Collection Compiled by Daniel Eastmond

Instructional design is an exciting course that teaches you the essential skills to systematically address instructional problems and develop instructional solutions that are timely and effective. "Instructional Design" is probably the most central course in the Instructional and Performance Technology (IPT) curriculum. The importance and depth of this subject could argue convincingly for coverage over more than asingle semester. In the brief time we will spend together youwill learn and practice the skills to conduct instructional design at most phases of the process.

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to: (1) apply the main principles and concepts of instructional design to develop simple instruction; (2) systematically design instruction to address several different types of learning; and (3) draw from learning theory in developing appropriate instruction for learners in your organizational context. The knowledge and skills gained in this course will enable you to develop effective instruction in a variety of content areas, with different types of learners, and in various milieus. This course will give you a good start in developing more advanced skills as you expand your instructional design repertoire.



Other Information


Course Resources

  • Training Educators to Design and Develop Open and Distance Learning Materials
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  • Observable Verbs for Cognitive Domain Instructional Objectives
    This resources applies the the "Design" portion of the ADDIE model -- enabling students to write effective measurable... More
  • Instructional Framework
    This site on classroom teaching strategies addresses ad component of the "Development" part of the ADDIE model. Once our... More
  • Teacher Education Materials TE-MAT database
    This site addresses the "Implementation" component of the ADDIE model as it directs math and science teachers in how to... More