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Physics for Audio Engineering

I teach a course entitled "Physics for Audio Engineering Technology", which is essentially an applied acoustics class.  In terms of technical difficulty, it's pitched somewhat more advanced than a typical "physics of music" class, but not as technical as a full acoustics class (e.g., we use no differential equations).


PHY2010: Physics for Audio Engineering Technology


PHY1140: Introduction to Physics

College Algebra

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes




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Course Resources

  • Music Acoustics
    Music Acoustics (Collection)
    I use the hearing test as a lecture demonstration to generate a class-average equal loudness curve.
  • Acoustics and Vibration Animations
    I show these animations to students to help them understand how sound waves propagate.
  • HyperPhysics Sound and Hearing
    I have students fill out a "scavenger hunt," by navigating around the web site and answering questions about sound... More
  • Basic Acoustics
    Basic Acoustics (Simulation)
    I have yet to use this in a course but the animations are excellent.
  • Physlet Physics 3e
    Physlet Physics 3e (Collection)
    I have not yet used these in a course, however many of the wave-related animations (e.g. "Superposition" and "Wave3D" in... More
  • Physics and Astronomy Applets
    The Wave Play applet is useful for teaching students about superposition. Dr. Knop has used it for in-class exercises... More
  • Interactive Damped Simple Harmonic Motion Applet