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Valerie Hoyos Personal Collection

The multimedia discovery missions from NOAA Ocean Explorer provide students with an amazing resource to supplement the learning process. Here, students can watch video (FLASH) presentations or still pictures and text (HTML) of the same topic.  Great for English Language Learners!



Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes


Course Resources

  • CSUB-NASA 2008 Make a Relief Map Jigsaw Puzzle
    This hands on activity is sure to get the creativity flowing! I could use this to teach plate tectonics, topics on... More
    GOOGLE EARTH (Simulation)
    I could use Google Earth in the classroom to help students visualize topography. Excellent tool to make traveling the... More
  • Introduction to Physical Oceanography
    Introduction to Physical Oceanography (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This website is a full online text book and can be used as a supplemental resource for students at home, or during study... More
  • Virtual Fossils Museum
    Virtual Fossils Museum (Collection)
    This website can be used to assist students in mastering the Geologic time scale. I would use this in my class by making... More