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Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools

Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools

This is a collection of educational Web 2.0 applications that are organized by categories such as writing, research, presentations, storage, audio, converters, mapping, graphing and more.


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Bryan Philip Pertacorta
Bryan Philip Pertacorta (Online Teacher/Tutor)
1 year ago
This is a very good resource for both learning and teaching. The listed apps are relevant to the specified tool type. It saves time and increase results.
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens
3 years ago

This is an excellent site bookmarking web tools for teaching. I particularly like the taxonomy used to organize the tools. They assist teachers by identifying how the tools can be used instructionally, for example, tools could be used for presentation or collaboration. I also like the short description that accompanies each tool.


My concerns are that the taxonomy was not fully implemented for all the web tools. Later groupings organized tools by function rather than instructional use e.g. they were organized according to video or audio. This doesn't really help teachers with identifying how the tools could be used instructionally. My second concern is whether there may be accessibility issues with the colors selected for the site.

Time spent reviewing site: .5 hour
Kimberly Rodriguez
Kimberly Rodriguez (Student)
2 years ago

I realize that there is a great deal of information on this wiki but I think the layout is functional and easy to navigate. Always having that sidebar menu in constant view, no matter how populated it is, creates a holistic perspective to allow you to view and jump around without navigating backwards.

The descriptions could use some updating. Many of the tools listed have more exciting functionality than what is listed but at least there is at least a one line descriptor for even those apps.

Overall, a great resource for teachers to dive into and explore over a few weekends, as I will be doing over winter break.

Another plus: the teacher updates the tools and asks for feedback from viewers about what they are using. Feedback and collaboration are necessary for Web-based apps which are dynamic by nature.

Stephanie Maher Palenque
3 years ago
This is an excellent collection of bookmarks and teaching tools.The colors on the page are a bit bright and distracting, but would not deter the user from using this site effectively.
Time spent reviewing site: .5 hour
Gennette Clacken
Gennette Clacken (Administrator)
4 years ago
This is a good resource for teachers. Sub pages seem overwhelming. A bit too much information on each page.
Raja Kamar
Raja Kamar (Faculty)
4 years ago
technology oriented teaching
Russ Bennett
Russ Bennett (Student)
4 years ago
Good site; found some new tools. Thanks! Home page design feels cluttered; additional categories would be helpful to further categorize social learning tools.
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Shannon Fulp
Shannon Fulp (Teacher (K-12))
5 years ago

Great website, full of information!

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Linda Kennemore
Linda Kennemore (Student)
5 years ago

Wonderful collection of information about Web 2.0 links. Most every place I clicked on worked. However the need for updating would be endelss.

Technical Remarks:

Most links worked but some are outdated and should be removed. If the site were updated or monitored on a monthly basis, it would be accurate.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 min,
Angela Gunder
Angela Gunder (Faculty)
5 years ago

This site serves as a rich repository of materials spanning multiple functions, disciplines and outputs.  Additionally, it is a browser's delight with multiple offerings for anyone looking for a spark of creativity.  The potential for classroom use is high in that the majority of the resources are free, meaning students can take advantage of the technology well as instructors.

Used in course? Yes
Billy Woodson
Billy Woodson (Faculty)
5 years ago

This site contains lots of interactive activities for teachers. 

norbert boruett
norbert boruett (Health Care Professional)
8 years ago
This is outstanding.The examples given and the appropriateness is perfect

Technical Remarks:

Extremely friendly- any teacher can use it.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 15minutes
Jane Moore
Jane Moore (Faculty)
9 years ago
This is a splendid site that has been carefully constructed and kept up by Lenva Shearing from New Zealand. It is definitely a great organizational tool for Web 2.0 tools.
Used in course? Yes