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Molecular Biochemistry

Molecular Biochemistry

An on-line Biochemistry textbook with embedded animations, pdb files and powerpoint presentations.

Topics include: Sugars & Polysaccharides, Lipids & Membranes, Bioenergetics, Membrane Transport Channels, Calcium Signals, Signal Transduction, Glycolysis & Fermentation, Glycogen Metabolism, Gluconeogenesis, Krebs Cycle, Electron Transfer Chain, Chemiosmotic Coupling, F1Fo ATPase,
Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Calvin Cycle, Fatty acid catabolism, Fatty acid synthesis, Eicosanoid synthesis, Cholesterol synthesis, Lipoproteins, Amino acid catabolism, Heme synthesis, tRNA and ribosomes, Protein synthesis, Protein degradation.


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Diana Morarescu
Diana Morarescu (Student)
9 years ago
The resource is excellent - a mini-version of a textbook online, which is great for today's tech-savvy students.

Technical Remarks:

You need to create a login account to download the Chime application needed to see some of the structures