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Active Learning with PowerPoint

Active Learning with PowerPoint

An online tutorial that suggests ways faculty can use PowerPoint as a medium to support active learning. The tutorial includes sections on active lecturing, active learning strategies and their delivery via PowerPoint, creating and using effective handouts, using PowerPoint to play in-class games, and using PowerPoint for formative assessment.



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Danea Farley
Danea Farley (Faculty)
3 years ago

I rated this material as a prospective reviewer for a Quality Matters/MERLOT project.  The material presented in the videos was clear and descriptive. The links on the left that accompany the video illustrate the points made in the video and provide exemplars of the techniques. I particularly appreciated Think/Pair/Share as an active learning strategy. I might suggest emphasizing that this technique maximizes student engagement with the content in that the instructor doesn’t simply call on two or three students to share their responses.  Every student is involved in thinking and then sharing, rather than two or three talking while the rest of the class is ‘listening’, which is not always the case. I might also add that the whole class ‘sharing’ step could be tweaked to have one partner share what the other said.  This promotes active listening. Before the ‘sharing’ step, it would be important to alert students to the fact that they will be sharing their partner’s comments rather than their own. The concept of a beginning, middle, and end to the lecture was accompanied by active learning strategies appropriate to that component of the lecture. The use of various PowerPoint© slides (with thought-provoking questions) as reminders to the instructor to pause and allow students to distill their learning was also effective.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Cason Smith
Cason Smith (Student)
4 years ago

Very good ideas about how to make PowerPoints more engaging. Good advice about breaking up the PP with other activities.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes
Diane Howdeshell
Diane Howdeshell (Faculty)
4 years ago
Thank you for the stellar tutorial. Now, I can tweak the PowerPoint presentations I have created using more interactive strategies with students. I plan to use the suggestions in class tomorrow. Thank you again. Diane Howdeshell
Kenyada McLeod
Kenyada McLeod (Administrator)
3 years ago

This is an outstanding resource!  It is well organized and contains a wealth of information that can be used across disciplines.  Thank you so much!  This will certainly be used as a resource.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Michael Moreno
Michael Moreno (Administrator)
4 years ago
Creo que el uso de herramientas tecnológicas es muy bueno para un aprendizaje mas rápido y efectivo. y Power Point, es una herramienta muy útil para la explicación activa
Sabah Ahmad
Sabah Ahmad (Student)
4 years ago

It was very detailed, clearly outlined and very easy to follow. I did not have any problems understanding directions 

Time spent reviewing site: 10-15 min
Pablo Vasquez
Pablo Vasquez (Docente)
5 years ago

El uso del Power point es una herramienta tecnológica importante, pero que debemos saber emplear ya que debe ser considerada como una herramienta de apoyo en el quehacer docente

Joseph Irizarry
Joseph Irizarry (Student)
6 years ago

The website is a great resource for faculty and instructors alike. It provides a great guide for the process of how to create a powerpoint that is engaging and interactive.

Technical Remarks:

Great resource. Clearly defined strategies.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Kim Uddo
Kim Uddo (Faculty)
6 years ago

I enjoyed the short clusterd videos and liked the tip on using slides to prompt questions.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis (Administrator)
7 years ago

I really enjoyed this learning object. I will recommend the Active Learning with PowerPoint learning object to my faculty. We have so many faculty using PowerPoint in varying ways at my community college. I believe this will be of great help to them.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Sherri Nelson
Sherri Nelson (Faculty)
9 years ago
I have used PowerPoint in all of my lessons. One idea I found very useful was to provide a heads up on what will be covered next week so students can begin to prepare.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 min
Dr. Troy Tenhet
Dr. Troy Tenhet (Faculty)
9 years ago
Excellent resource for Powerpoint and its possibilities.
jeannine ogrin-gary
10 years ago
Merlot to Merlot:This site is a valuable online resource for students and educators. MERLOT is an acronym for Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. This site includes credible resources and also showcases the Liberal Arts Math Textbook by Professor Rutledge. For educators, the home page contains a tab “Discipline Community” which provides links of information that can assist teachers to further advance his/her career. Additionally, any resources that are of interest can be saved in a “Personal Collection” file, which is free! I have started a Personal Collection of my own and will add/share resources during my career. For students, in the left hand margin are links to a multitude of online tutorials, interactive activities, and comprehensive explanations. For example, under the “mathematics and statistics” tab are 1,204 links for mathematics, and 327 listed for Statistics and Probability; furthermore, each selection is further categorized, making this site not only a one stop information hub, but also easy to navigate--overall user friendly.
Nancy Fire
Nancy Fire (Student)
10 years ago
I really like this piece and will use it in my own faculty development work. I only rated it with 4 stars because it uses material which is fairly well known to faculty. I am looking for some new innovative ideas with powerpoint to "wow" faculty away from the dull powerpoint lessons.
Mary Nunaley
Mary Nunaley (Content Developer/Author)
10 years ago
I found this information very useful and the sample slides and games were ideal for demonstrating to faculty some of the many things they can do. I found the navigations instructions clear and easy to follow. Video's loaded quickly and provided another way for more auditory learners to apply the material. Will use this in our new faculty/adjunct training sessions when we discuss Active Learning principles.
Sue Schmidt
Sue Schmidt (Faculty)
10 years ago
I liked the synopsis at the beginning so you would know how to navigate quickly to info of interest. His active learning strategies, games and effective handouts examples using PowerPoint were excellent and allow instructors to visualize how they could implement similar techniques into their classrooms. Video might have been more effective if an actual class was shown using these techniques.

Technical Remarks:

I was able to access the short videos although it took a long time for the video box to load up even with a high speed connection.
Ruth Markulis
Ruth Markulis (Administrator)
10 years ago
I liked the overview for the lesson and the clear directions for each stage. I also liked the balanced view of PowerPoint presenting both positives and negatives. Sound instructional strategies were presented. The videos made it interesting and were broken down into manageable parts. The additional use of multimedia in PowerPoint could be explored.
Nedra J. Davis
Nedra J. Davis (Faculty)
10 years ago
I really liked the different applications that were explored for Powerpoint in the classroom, such as Powerpoint games. Although I haven't used it yet, it is in my plans to do so.
Cullen Cooney
Cullen Cooney (Student)
11 years ago
I have been in many classes where teachers used PowerPoint presentations. I found it very helpful because teachers can have information up, explain it, shows picture illustrations if needed and print it out for you to have. As a student, I wish more teachers would use Power Point presentations for the simple fact that it helps the students learn in an easier way. It cuts down on many problems such as teacher’s bad handwriting, misunderstood pictures or graphs, and many other problems. People may say Power Point presentations and lectures are bad, but from a first hand point of view, they are excellent. This was a very well done article and I hope to one day use Power Point in my classroom.
Tara Hansen
Tara Hansen (Student)
11 years ago
This article was very helpful for future ideas that I could use in my classroom. I have used power point for projects in school and I believe it makes them more interesting. It makes it easier for access to handout, notes, and assignments for the students and the teachers. Technology is becoming a requirement in classrooms and power point is one of the first applications taught. This also helps students who learn visually. Power point sure beats being lectured to day to day.
Used in course? Yes
mirna khater
mirna khater (null)
11 years ago
it is an excellent site where i, personnaly, can benefit from its content and put it in use for the best benefit of my students.
Used in course? Yes
Ruth Draine
Ruth Draine (Faculty)
12 years ago
I love this article.

Technical Remarks:

I have an assignment to complete on Interactive Learning used in teaching games
with Powerpoint
Used in course? Yes
Shane Patton
Shane Patton (Student)
12 years ago
This site was very informative in showing how to use technology in the
classroom. As technology advances so should the format in which teachers teach.
As a teacher I would use this site in advancing my lessons
Used in course? Yes
Meagan Loy
Meagan Loy (Student)
12 years ago
As a student, I have used PowerPoint for presentations that I have done in my
collegiate years. I have also seen professors and other speakers use the
program. I have seen that by using this program, professors are more able to
present what it is that they are wanting to say easier. It allows for the
teacher to take time to prepare what it is that they are wanting to discuss in
the class that day rather than 'winging' it. Using the program gives teachers
also the advantage of animation, which they would not have writing on a
chalkboard or verbally trying to describe the movement. It also gives students
the chance to see word for word what it is that is being presented to them. Most
of our learning happens with our vision and hearing senses.
The idea of presenting the day's topic using PowerPoint would be fairly
successful in that it would prompt students to be prepared to focus, ask
questions, and respond to those of the teacher. Not only is this still a
lecture, it prompts interaction with students that would help aid in the
education process. Rather than being lectured to, students prefer to have
discussion classes where their opinions influence the classroom discussion.
Used in course? Yes
Quinton Mitchell
Quinton Mitchell (Student)
12 years ago
5 minutes browsing.

I think that the material is accurte the power point has a number of stratgies
you can use to apply a lesson.

Using power point allows you to use technology which this day in age is really
important. Power piont gives a student the chance to close his or her book and
learn in a different way. On the other hand it allows the teacher to do
something different and instruct the class by the click on a key pad.
Used in course? Yes