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Enrique Yepes: Páginas de ayuda para estudiantes de español

The Yepes webpage includes an invaluable resource tool for intermediate and advanced learners. The site includes Yepes and other outstanding websites for tutorial drills, e.g. Nelson and Arana sites. In addition, the user will find grammar guide for use in writing, a writing style manual, and "Herramientas de español," an extensive outline of essential Spanish structures based on John Turner's "All the Spanish Grammar You Really Need to Know."


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Stacy Southerland
Stacy Southerland (Faculty)
32 weeks ago
The site is thorough overall and an excellent resource for students and instructors alike. Intermediate-level students could need some assistance with site materials that are presented only in Spanish. Initially, users will benefit from some time spent surfing materials to get a feel for where specific-types of materials are located and to follow embedded links to determine which are worth leaving the site to explore. Several links were broken and need to be updated. Still, a comprehensive presentation of foundational aspects of Spanish grammar with clear explanations and examples based on Turner’s grammar text and relevant supplemental language-learning materials. The site is worth recommending to students.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Ramona Rendon
Ramona Rendon (Faculty)
6 years ago

Los puntos gramaticales presentados en esta página van de acuerdo con el nivel que se ofrece, español intermedio y avanzado. Los ejercicios de prácticas son muy buenos y hay variedad. La implementación de la cultura es muy interesante

Technical Remarks:

La sobre recarga de material, especialmente en las explicaciones gramaticales,  puede causar  problemas  al navegar  la página. Los puntos gramaticales lucirían más atractivos si se presentaran en un PowerPoint o en cualquier herramienta Web 2.0.  Demasiada traducción al inglés, lo que  es aconsejable evitar, especialmente en el niveles intermedios y avanzados.

Time spent reviewing site: One hour
José Retamales Chacana
6 years ago

Muy buen aporte para el estudio de una lengua. Se consolidan aspectos gramaticales (sintácticos, morfológicos) de gran ayuda para el aprendizaje del español.

Technical Remarks:

Tener presente las variantes de normas en los diferentes países de habla hispana. 

Avonne Alzate
Avonne Alzate (Faculty)
9 years ago
Excellent resource for students and teachers alike. Teachers need to review before assigning exercises.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to use and navigate.
Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Susana Bukowski
Susana Bukowski (Faculty)
9 years ago
Jennifer Brady
Jennifer Brady (Student)
10 years ago
This resource could be very beneficial for students who already understand main grammatical concepts and are self-motivated learners but may be too advanced for some students who struggle with terminology. The website is organized by topic: from beginning level to advanced and each topic has an explanation (or tutorial) and then offers links to activities that practice that particular point. Students will have to navigate the activities (either lead by the instructor or by themselves) in order to find activities that best fit their studying style. Teacher guidance may be needed.
Emma Miliani
Emma Miliani (Faculty)
10 years ago
Good resource for intermediate and advanced students. It offers tips for writing in Spanish, lots of links to complementary sites and some listening materials. A grammar virtual book is part of the materials included. it is presented in English and in Spanish. I will recommend it to my students,
Nancy Whitman
Nancy Whitman (Faculty)
10 years ago
Excellent materials for intermediate student review and practice.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to use, invites students to continue working in content areas.
micaela barron
micaela barron (Student)
11 years ago
I like the in depth explanation of many grammar rules. It explains the rules very well. This page is a great resource page for learners and teachers.
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