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Guide to Financial Statements

Guide to Financial Statements

Explains three major financial statements: income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Includes interactive activities, quizzes and printable study guide.
To view a video of the award winning author, go to Guide to Financial Statements - the Business 2007 Award Winner video



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Tim Rogmans
Tim Rogmans (Content Developer/Author)
51 weeks ago
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Amy Gerney
Amy Gerney (Faculty)
7 years ago

As an occupational therapy educator, students come into my classroom because they believe that engaging people in meaningful activity has a positive impact on their quality of life.  Creating an effective learning environment for these students to learn the finances of running a clinical program can be challenging.  I will use this tutorial because of it's interactive nature, simplicity, and organization as I believe that it will speak to the value of "doing" and make the learning experience a more effective one.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Heather Payne
Heather Payne (Faculty)
2 years ago

This guide is a nice combination of scenario and application. The student is presented with the information and then is able to apply their knowledge. As a teacher in an online environment this application will provide my students with an opportunity to practice what they learned. The simulations are easy to use and provide that much needed practice that can be lost in the online environment.

Time spent reviewing site: 60 minutes
Jeanette Landin
Jeanette Landin (Faculty)
4 years ago

This is a terrific set of interactive videos that are clear and easy to follow. I particularly liked the periodic quizzes that help maintain the viewer's engagement. I think this would be a terrific resource to help students understand accounting financial statements.

Time spent reviewing site: 60 minutes
Terry Harris
Terry Harris (Faculty)
4 years ago
This online tutorial is perfect for my introduction the financial accounting class where my students and I cover the same material. I certainly will be making use of this resource during one of my lectures next semester. Thank you for sharing it!
Nazmi Pllana
Nazmi Pllana (Consultant)
5 years ago
Is it possible to translate this presentation in other languages; I would need to present to the students in Albanian language
Amanda Nielsen
Amanda Nielsen (Faculty)
7 years ago

This is a great program for explaining the 3 basic financial statements.  The material is broken down by financial report and then again into an overview, explaination and review quiz. 

When used in class, the students were very receptive and quickly picked up the importance of each financial statement and how to use them.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
teresa anderson
teresa anderson (training for corporations)
6 years ago

this is awesome!  thank you!

Used in course? Yes
Francis Maffei
Francis Maffei (Faculty)
8 years ago

Wow, what a resource, the Guide to Financial Statement is something I will be recommending to our Program Chair for Finance and Accounting. For me I was not personally that well versed on Financial Statements, after completing the video I have a better understanding of the various financial statements. Could I build a financial statement, probably not I understand them better than I did prior.

Technical Remarks:

I had no technical issue and mini-case series was relatively easy to open and progress through. Did not see the need for any special technical skills, hardware, or software.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Melissa Melancon
Melissa Melancon (Faculty)
8 years ago

I am teaching both online and face to face clases in finance.  Many students seem vague about the financial statements and how these are linked.  This tutorial is wonderful because it gives me a way to give students a review of material that is part of the knowledge base required to be successful in the courses I teach.  I have implemented it in both my undergraduate and graduate financial management courses. Thanks for providing such a great tool.

Technical Remarks:

The pace of the video and the interactive quizzes are wonderful

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 1/2 hours
Phil Burian
Phil Burian (Faculty)
9 years ago
Very nicely implemented tutorial on financial statements. This module could be used at both the undergraduate and graduate level as an introduction or a refresher.

Technical Remarks:

I would recommend the module include the following: 1. Where can we find those documents (online, company website, etc.). Maybe give some additional examples; and 2. Do financial statements apply to for-profit/market traded, private and not-for-profit organizations.
Used in course? Yes