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The Cameron Balloon Factory

The Cameron Balloon Factory

This is an excellent interactive on-line case study of the Cameron Hot Air Balloon factory in Bristol, UK. It covers many aspects of the functional disciplines of business: human resource management, operations, production management, accounting, marketing, etc. It also includes hypertext links to different departments in the ACTUAL FACTORY! The site is Illustrated with real photos, bios of various managers, and data. This is a real find!



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Crystal Neumann
Crystal Neumann (Administrator)
2 years ago

The material is very easy to use. It can be used for differentiated instruction for those who are visual or auditory learners. There is a good variety of things to click on to learn more about certain topics. It is interactive and broken down so that anyone can understand.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Crystal Neumann
Crystal Neumann (Administrator)
2 years ago
The content is very easy to use. It is great for differentiated instruction for those who are visual or auditory learners. It is quite interactive and breaks down all the information very well.
Roberta Clark
Roberta Clark (Faculty)
3 years ago

The content included in the Cameron Balloon Factory is excellent and would be am useful interactive learning tool for students enrolled in  "Production and Operations Management" courses.  As an Instructor, this site would be an excellent supplemental for enhancing the learning objectives and improving students outcomes for aforementioned course.  Using the virtual factory layout and the photographic guided tour of the factory would allow students to obtain a better understanding of different functions of supply chain and operations management.  Moreover, there is an assessment option for instructors to test students.  The site is easy to navigate and content is relevant to specific areas of management  such as accounting, operations, and marketing. 

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hr
Carole Comarcho
Carole Comarcho (Faculty)
4 years ago

This material is clearly stated, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eyes. The content is very well presented and users who are interested in the topic will find a comprehensive presentation.  The material is effective because it covers any aspect of the factory that a user would be interested in.  As a learning tool, even if the subject matter is not well known by the user, the information is easy to understand.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Sandy Bennett
Sandy Bennett (Student)
5 years ago
Perhaps I missed something on the virtual tour, but I did not see anything posted about the quality control of the products being produced. I would expect strong quality control inspections of the products as well as government regulations that need followed.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Cathy Swift
Cathy Swift (Administrator)
5 years ago

This is an excellent resource that can be taught in a variety of business classes.  The balloon factory offers a product that would be very interesting to students.  They are able to take a virtual tour of the factory and review several different departments within the company.  The creators must have spent a lot of time in putting this resource together, as it seems very thorough.  Students can explore the site and see how the different departments relate to each other.  There are assignments and work sheets in each of the parts of the material.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Glenna Pendleton
Glenna Pendleton (Faculty)
9 years ago
This would be interesting for grade school students.
Linda Mast
Linda Mast (Faculty)
9 years ago
This case offers a comprehensive online experience for students with a unique product in a global market. Self directed Q&A alllows for students to assess their learning.

Technical Remarks:

All applications of the case materials function properly.
Time spent reviewing site: About 10 minutes for scanning topics, questions and answers.
Debbie Howard
Debbie Howard (Student)
15 years ago
I spent about 2-3 hours total reviewing module on The Cameron Ballon Factory. I especially liked the format and interactive portions of the module.

I have been in manufacturing and procurement for 20 years and I must say this module would be great for any Operations in Business student, or any employee in a trainee management position for a manufacturing or resource company. May even be beneficial to employees on a manufacturing or assembly floor, that know a little about business
and want to increase their knowledge and perhaps try advancement in the business with additional training.

Very understanding for 1st users to this web site module.

Gives an overall view of what departments actually make up a manufacturing company from procurement, processes in manufacturing, human resources and many other areas.
Used in course? Yes
MOH DAOUD (Faculty)
16 years ago
Only spent 10 minutes browsing. Not really my area. The fact that I understand
some it shows that it is a well put together paper.
Connie Fajardo
Connie Fajardo (Faculty)
16 years ago
This is a great activity for global marketing environment!
Andy Warner
Andy Warner (Student)
16 years ago
Excellent content.

Technical Remarks:

More interactive elements would be nice.
Ron Purser
Ron Purser (Faculty)
18 years ago
The site is very well design and visually appealing. It offers a Virtual Tour of the actual Cameroon
Balloon Factory with Photos of the factory as well as Photos of the actual workers. It is on-line
virtual case study.The site offers small modules that are organized by functional disciplines. Students can review the Theories and then use the Worksheets to respond to application questions.