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Cris Guenter

Cris Guenter


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  • Education / TeacherEd / Teaching Methods / Arts (Expert)
    Dr. Cris Guenter is a professor education in the School of Education at California State University, Chico. She has been named CSU, Chico's Outstanding Teacher for the year 2000, California's Outstanding Visual Art Educator in 2001 by the California Art Education Association, and the National Art Educator in 2008. She has Kindergarten through post-graduate teaching experience. She specializes in teaching for teachers that focuses upon arts education, computer graphics and technology in education, creativity across the curriculum, and interdisciplinary education. Her ongoing research interests include technology's intersection with the arts, the creative process, assessment--including electronic portfolios, and rural/distance education--online course development. Arts Education; Interdisciplinary Education; Instruction and Management; Curriculum & Instruction; Creativity; Technology Integration in the K-12 Curriculum.
  • Academic Support Services / Faculty Development (Advanced)
    HTML, WebCT course development and instruction; HorizonLive use; HTML;Computer graphics and presentation in the K-12 curriculum; Scanners, digital cameras, electronic portfolio development including burning them to CD ROMS, and hypermedia presentations. CSU, Chico--School of Education webmaster, 1995-2001.