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Randolph Hollingsworth

Randolph Hollingsworth


Randolph Hollingsworth is an author of materials Randolph Hollingsworth is a member of the Virtual Speakers Bureau


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  • Humanities / History / Area Studies / Americas / United States (Expert)
    Ph.D. in U.S. History, Southern, Nineteenth century, Women
  • Academic Support Services / Faculty Development / Teaching Strategies (Advanced)
    Much of the work I do with the Kentucky Virtual University is working with our institutional partners (the providers of the teaching and learning that goes on at the KYVU) on best practices. A great variety of providers offer courses and other online experiences via the KYVU, whether for academic credit, remediation or credit recovery, for professional development or just to try out something... and my job is to serve as the advocate for their target audience - making sure that the support services are high quality and appropriate to their needs. Sometimes I also serve as the support leader for developing new content - and that's when my teaching and learning scholarship background gets rejuvenated.