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  • CSU Noyce Scholars Program
    PI 06/2005 – Current

Education History

  • PhD, Physical Chemistry (09/1983)
    Rice University
  • BS, Chemistry (06/1979)
    University of California, Irvine


  • T.A. Holme, Director; Richard Schwenz, Chair; Julie Boerio-Goates, Lynn Geiger, Alex Grushow, David Horner, Peter Kelly, Clyde Metz, Jodye Selco, Bradley Stone, Marcy Hamby Towns, Theresa Zielinski. (2006). ACS Division of Chemical Education Examination – Physical Chemistry Examinations
  • Thomas A. Cahill, Steven S. Cliff, Michael Jimenez-Cruz, James F. Shackelford, Michael Dunlap, Michael Meier, Peter B. Kelly, Sarah Riddle, Jodye Selco, Graham Bench, Patrick Grant, Dawn Ueda, Kevin D. Perry, and Robert Leifer. (2004). Analysis of Aerosols from the World Trade Center Collapse Site, New York, October 2 to October 30, 2001 in Atmospheric Science and Technology,. (38, 165-183).
  • Jodye Selco and Janet Beer. (2004). Pollution Police. How To Determine Spectroscopic Selection Rules in Journal of Chemical Education,. (81, 225-227).

Teaching Experience

  • Astronomy (Current)
    • University of Redlands and Cal Poly Pomona – Astronomy
    • non-majors general education course
  • IGE 222 and IGE 223 (Current)
    • Cal Poly Pomona – science, technology and society and environmemtalism
    • These integrated general education courses are part of an 8 quarter sequence that satisfy all general education requirements besides math and science
  • Foundational Physics (Winter 2009)
    • University of Redlands – algebra based introductory phyusics
    • Have taught this course for many years


  • Professor (07/2002 – Current) Cal Poly Pomona
  • Professor (08/1987 – 06/2002) University of Redlands