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LM Zinda

LM Zinda




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Skills & Interests

  • Humanities / Religious Studies (Advanced)
    Research in fields of theology relating to: evangelism, hospitality, pluralism, ethics, systematics, theodicy and Christian Mysticism.


  • Order of St. Luke
    Member 04/2011 – Current
  • Theta Alpha Kappa
    Member 01/2011 – Current
  • American Academy of Religion
    Member 01/2010 – Current


  • Zinda, L.M.. (2010). Wherever Two or Three are Gathered in My Name, I Am Virtually There: Ekklesia in the Metaverse Church


  • English
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior
  • Latin
    • Speaking level: Novice
    • Reading level: Intermediate

Honors & Awards

  • Royal and Rita Speidel Endowed Scholarship for Evangelism (09/2010)
  • Garrett-Evangelical Leadership Scholars Award (09/2009)
  • Judson Souers Endowed Scholarship in Community Ministry (09/2009)
    Awarded again in 2010/11


  • Assisting Online Teaching, 01/25/2011
    Know thine self, know thine student - pitfalls and pluses of instructor-student relations.