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Kurt Hanson

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Skills & Interests

  • Education (Beginner)
    I have discovered a mathematical, Cartesian-based model for the elementary and middle school teacher to begin and steer discussion as to the direction, purpose, and meaning of a student's future life.
  • Humanities / Philosophy (Beginner)
    Employing a mathematical, Cartesian model I explain the aforementioned Creative Entity and Its intentions and purpose for all biological life found on earth.
  • Humanities / Religious Studies (Beginner)
    Using Cartesian models I explain the existence of a relationship between a Creative Entity and all biological life.

Education History

  • General Equivalency Diploma, 1978 Scored 225 (11/1978)
    New York State Education Department

Honors & Awards

  • New York State Administered IQ test (01/1978)
    I was told I scored 139.


  • A Treatise on the Nature of Life, 06/05/2013
    A mathematical, Cartesian-based tome hypothesizing a Creative entity as a necessity for causing the existence of all biological life.