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Education History

  • Masters in Medical science and clinical education computer aided learning (12/2000)
    University of Nottingham
  • Bachelor of Nursing nursing studies (07/1997)
    University of Dundee


  • Bailey J. (2010). How to prevent pressure sores in Midwives. (Sept 2010).
  • J Prior. (2006). Computer aided learning in midwifery: Panacea or Pandora’s box? in Virtuality and education: A reader. ISBN 90-420-2070-9 EUR 20. ISBN 90-420-2070-9 EUR 20.
  • Prior J. (2006). Non-medical Prescribing in Health care practice: Midwifery perspectives in Non-medical Prescribing in Health care practice. A toolkit for students and practitioners. Palgrave Macmillan, Hants, UK. ISBN: 1-4039-9064-6.

Teaching Experience

  • BMid Hons (Winter 2011)
    • University of Nottingham – biological sciences/ midwifery/applied biological sceinces
    • development of reusable elarning objectives for use in teaching as part of blended learning or stand alone learning tools.
  • Masters in medical science and clinical education (Fall 1997)
    • University of Nottingham – midwifery
    • Masters in educacion-required to be a midwife teacher


  • "First steps to second life: learning to simulate and simulating to learn", 09/09/2010
    Poster presented at 17th Association of Learning Technology International conference held at University of Nottingham
  • Biology in the Blender, 09/09/2010
    The use of a blended learning approach incorporating e-learning to revive a challenging biology module. Theme paper presented at 21st International Network for education in healthcare conference, Cambridge, UK.
  • Computer aided learning-Panacea or not, 07/01/2003
    presentation in New technologies and e-learning conference university of Nottingham


  • midwife teacher (08/1997 – Current) University of Nottingham