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  • van Zee, Emily H., Roberts, D., & Grobart, E.. (2016). Ways to include global climate change in courses for prospective teachers. in Journal of College Science Teaching. (45(3), 28-33).
  • Crowl, Michele, Devitt, A., Jansen, H., van Zee, E., & Winograd, K.. (2013). Encouraging prospective teachers to engage friends and family in exploring physical phenomena. in Journal of Science Teacher Education. (24(1), 93-110).
  • van Zee, Emily H., Jansen, H., Winograd, K., Crowl, M. & Devitt, A.. (2013). Fostering scientific thinking by prospective teachers in a course that integrates physics and literacy learning. in Journal of College Science Teaching. (42(5), 29-35).


  • Associate Professor (09/2005 – Current) Oregon State University