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Skills & Interests


    member 07/2015 – Current
  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers
    Member 01/2002 – Current
  • Michigan Simulation Users Group
    various 03/1990 – Current

Education History

  • Masters Mathematics (06/1968)
    University of Wisconsin
  • Bachelors Mathematics (06/1967)
    Michigan State University


  • Gabriel Carreño, Srinivas Rajanna, Edward J. Williams. (2018). Simulation Analysis Improves Operations at Emergency Department and Surgical Suite in Proceedings of the 16th International Industrial Simulation Conference. (62-66).
  • Mohamed, A. M. and Williams, E. J.. (2018). Large-Scale Reliability-Redundancy Allocation Optimization Problem Using Three Soft Computing Methods in Modeling and Simulation Based Analysis in Reliability Engineering. CRC Press.
  • Mellal, Mohamed Arezki; Williams, Edward J.. (2017). A discussion on “A GSO-based algorithm for combined heat and power dispatch problem with modified scrounger and ranger operators” in Applied Thermal Engineering.

Teaching Experience

  • DS 631 Decision Analysis (Current)
    • University of Michigan - Dearborn – Analytical decision making in business practice
    • This course entails study of analytic techniques for rational decision making that address uncertainty, conflicting objectives, and risk attitudes. Topics covered in the course include modeling uncertainty, rational decision making principles, representing decision problems with value trees, decision trees and influence diagrams.
  • DS 632 System Simulation (Winter)
    • University of Michigan - Dearborn – Discrete-event process simulation using Simio
    • System Simulation course, graduate level.
  • DS 300 Quantitative Modeling and Analysis I (Fall)
    • University of Michigan - Dearborn – Basic probability and statistics (descriptive & inferential) in business context
    • To introduce fundamental concepts and methods in data analysis, probability, estimation, and statistical inference for application in management and management science.


  • English
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior
  • French
    • Speaking level: Novice
    • Reading level: Novice
  • German
    • Speaking level: Beginner
    • Reading level: Intermediate

Honors & Awards

  • Best Paper in Track Award (03/2015)
    Received best-in-track award for: Gruber, Jared W., Renée Smiddy, Jeffrey M. Watson, and Edward J. Williams. (2015). Simulation Helps Local Grocery Store Compete Effectively Against Large Chains. In IEOM 2015 conference, Operations Excellence track.
  • Faculty Appreiation Award (04/2006)
    University of Michigan-Dearborn Women's Basketball. By Conny Lorenz: "for outstanding support of academics and athletics."
  • Best Paper Award (10/2002)
    The International Workshop on Harbour, Maritime and Multimodal Logistics Modelling & Simulation conference. Received "Best Paper Award" for paper "Upgrading Drive-Through Services of a Credit Union Via Simulation," co-authored with Marcelo Zottolo.



  • Adjunct Lecturer (09/1980 – Current) University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • Senior Technical Specialist (01/2002 – Current) PMC
  • Senior Technical Specialist (08/1972 – 12/2001) Ford Motor Company