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Principles of Accounting

These are materials that can be used for the beginning Accounting class. Most of these are tutorials that students can use themselves.
Course: Can be used for Accounting 101, Introduction to Accounting

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

In a Principles of Accounting class, students will learn to: 1. Identify and apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). 2. Apply the steps of the accounting cycle. 3. Post and analyze transactions using ledgers and journals. 4. Demonstrate how to record adjusting entries for prepaid expenses and unearned revenue. 5. Demonstrate understanding by completing an adjusted trial balance. 6. Perform a bank reconciliation. 7. Explain the purpose of the sales journal and the Accounts Receivable ledger and post entries to both. 8. Record the costs associated with the acquisition of property, plant, and equipment. 9. Explain the purpose of and prepare entries for the purchase order journal and accounts payable (A/P) ledger. 10. Identify the fundamental principles of an accounting information system.


Various techniques

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Takin' Care of Business
    Takin' Care of Business (Presentation)
    Takin Care of Business is a video from the 2004 film library of the AICPA. Designed for a career day, the video... More
  • Alcie - the accounting students' friend
    ALCIE is an acronym devised to help introductory accounting students learn the normal account balances for the basic... More
  • Drills for Accounting Basics
    Drills for Accounting Basics (Drill and Practice)
    Drills for Accounting Basics consists of 22 topics covered in typical introductory Principles of Financial and... More
  • Accounting Monopoly
    Accounting Monopoly (Simulation)
    This module uses the classic game, Monopoly, as a basis for teaching basic bookkeeping and accounting. Students perform... More
  • Time Value of Money Learning Object
    The topic of time value of money, especially present value, can be conceptually difficult to grasp. An uncomplicated,... More
  • Interactive Worksheet: the 'Accounting Equation'
    The Accounting Equation is an interactive tutorial designed for British students enrolled in introductory principles of... More
  • Guide to Financial Statements
    Guide to Financial Statements explains the three major financial statements: income statement, balance sheet and cash... More