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Principles of Marketing

The Principle of Marketing class is normally required by all business majors as part of the business core. The materials in this collection all come from one source, Louise Ripley of York University. The support materials were designed to support the Kotler Introduction to Marketing course and thus contain very interactive materials for the basic marketing class.
Course: Principles of Marketing, Introduction to Marketing.

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

In a Principles of Marketing class a student will 1) understand the role of marketing within society and within an economic system; 2) learn the vital role of marketing within a firm and the necessary relationships between marketing and the other functional areas of business; 3)consider the various decision areas within marketing and the tools and methods used by marketing managers for making decisions; 4) learn key marketing principles and terminology; and 5)appreciate how a marketing perspective is important in one's own personal and professional development.


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Course Resources

  • Marketing Strategy Unit for Introductory Marketing
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  • Marketing Environment Unit for Introductory Marketing
    This module includes material relevant to the marketing environment, including text, discussion questions, and... More
  • Marketing Research Unit for Introductory Marketing
    This module outlines the major areas of marketing research and provides some additional examples, several discussion... More
  • Buyer Behavior Unit for Introductory Marketing
    This module incorporates stand-alone slides, with partial or total description of consumer behavior topics, as well as... More
  • Segmentation Unit for Introductory Marketing
    This module provides an understanding of how markets are segmentation and how segmentation impacts on other marketing... More
  • Product Unit for Introductory Marketing
    This material provides information on Product and Branding Strategy and New Product Development and Product Life-Cycle... More
  • Price Unit for Introductory Marketing
    This module focuses on pricing and contains basic pricing theory along with examples and assignments that reinforce the... More
  • Channels of Distribution Unit for Introductory Marketing
    This material provides a brief overview of the role of distribution channels in marketing. Topics covered include... More
  • Promotion Unit for Introductory Marketing
    This module on Promotion focuses on promotion, integrated marketing communications, and the marketing mix as a whole.... More
  • Marketing Plan Outline
    Marketing Plan Outline (Reference Material)
    The assignment is to complete an on-line abbreviated marketing plan with the collaboration of team members and could be... More