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English - Introduction to Literature

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In this class, students will learn to 1) Apply close reading skills to the study of literature; 2) Classify literature as fiction, poetry, drama, or nonfiction, 3) Describe various types of fiction, 4) Compare and contrast different types of poetry, 5) Differentiate between various types of theater, 6) Practice writing about literature, 7) Apply critical theory to the study of literature, and 8) Demonstrate the ability to write a research paper.


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Course Resources

  • An Online Library of Literature
    An Online Library of Literature (Reference Material)
    This website is a repository of unabridged texts of Literature, from currently (6/11/2009) 39 authors, ranging from... More
  • Folger Shakespeare Library
    Folger Shakespeare Library (Reference Material)
    The Folger Shakespeare Library site includes information about the Folger Library and its collections, performances and... More
  • The Literature Collection
    The Literature Collection is a multilayered grouping of works in literature and the humanities including texts... More
    USA LITERATURE in BRIEF (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This publication provides a historical overview of American literature, up to the beginning of the 21st Century, as well... More
  • American Passages Website
    American Passages Website (Reference Material)
    This website is created to support the American Passages project at Annenberg/CPB, created by a partnership between... More
  • American Passages: A Literary Survey
    As its home page states, this site "provides professional development and classroom materials to enhance the study of... More
  • Literary Visions
    Literary Visions (Collection)
    This is a seriew of 24 half-hour videos (viewable online) that deal with literary analysis. Fran Dorn hosts each one,... More
  • Literature: What Makes a Good Short Story?
    Using Susan Glaspell's short story "A Jury of Her Peers," this site explores the elements of good literature through the... More
  • Resources for Teaching American Literature Surveys
    This site is a support site for those teaching American Literature survey courses. It includes reviews of other sites,... More
  • Heart of Darkness Webquest - Literary Criticism
    This is a thoughtfully crafted webquest to guide students to analyze the well-known "Heart of Darkness" from a critical... More
  • The American Novel Since 1945
    This is an online course that traces the formal and thematic developments of the novel in this period, focusing on the... More