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This online Web site is designed to teach the user how to evaluate information on the World Wide Web.

A website designed to help undergraduates use internet (and printed) resources in researching and writing history papers... see more

This site offers good examples and exercises using LC (Library of Congress) Classification, Dewey Decimal, and SuDOC... see more

This brief Flash tutorial teaches students the basics of using AND, OR, and NOT to combine terms when searching in... see more

Through the use of a simple mnemonic, NETS, this tutorial helps explain an efficient means of conducting an internet... see more

This interactive tutorial teaches the basics of searching for company information. The guide is specifically designed for... see more

Open-access scholarly journals have arisen as an alternative to traditional subscription scholarly journals. Open-access... see more

The Project encompases nine tutorials on Defining the Research Topic, Evaluate Information, Organize and Synthesize... see more

Epicurious is a cooking site owned by Conde Nast where a viewer can search for a variety of content including recipes,... see more

LibraryThing is a full-powered cataloging application, searching the Library of Congress, all five national Amazon sites,... see more is an ecommerce website featuring luxury beauty products. This team-teaching online synchronous lesson... see more

NoodleTools, Inc. was co-founded in 1999 by mother and son team Debbie and Damon Abilock. NoodleTools' flagship product,... see more

The purpose of this book is to provide an introduction to basic practical research. The contents of this book are not... see more

This tutorial is designed to guide learners through the research process: choosing a topic, using the best sources,... see more

Lesson Objective: Students will gain an understanding of Spotify as a powerful digital file organizing system through a... see more

This brief self-paced Flash tutorial demonstrates the value of using truncation when searching online resources. It... see more

This prezi is a brief tutorial on article types focused on the Hospitality & Tourism Management subject area. It could be... see more

This interactive tool lets you fill in only the information needed for the style citation you want, print or electronic... see more

An explanation of when to use a database's simple search and when to use its advanced search. (FLA file can be found at... see more

"Use the Google search box to find exactly what you're looking for, including answers to math problems and the current... see more

A collection of quick video tutorials on library research topics

A You-Tube video that explains in a fun way how to conduct more efficient searches in library databases. It explains how... see more

A Google Course video telling how to do keyword searching in Google.

This library database app is for school grades K - 12. It helps students in those grades find good reliable sources from... see more