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A complete set of simulations for a first semester college physics class.

This simulation lets users study projectile motion in a "golf" setting. The launch velocity and launch angle of the "golf... see more

A group of simulations involving 1 and 2 dimensional linear motion, periodic motion, projectile motion, simple harmonic... see more

A collection of over 140 videos of Physics Demonstrations covering a wide variety of topics, from mechanics to atomic.... see more

Applet demonstrates projectile motion both without and with air resistance.

This simulation shows the motion of objects fired from a cannon. Initial conditions can be changed, as can the object... see more

This site contains an extensive set of notes on basic topics in physics. There are extensive illustrations and animations... see more

Java applet plots the trajectory of an object undergoing projectile motion. Many parameters user-defined. Includes... see more

This is a Java-enhanced tutorial that illustrates the principles of ballistic trajectories via a simulation.

Java applet for simulating projectile motion.

Applet showing the motion of a projectile. Includes the ability to change initial height, speed, and angle.

This Java applet shows the motion of a projectile. Users can vary (within certain limits) the values of initial height,... see more

Simple interactive demonstration of projectile motion. Lecture notes and source code available.

This Physlet-based exercise requires students to match the projectile motion of a object by solving for the initial... see more

Web Assignment on projectile motion using an embedded applet by Angel Franco Garcia.

Web assignment on ballistic motion using an embedded applet by Mark Sutherland. Links to helpful resources included.

Web assignment on projectile motion using an embedded applet by Gary Richert. Assignment illustrates the effects of air... see more

This Macromedia ShockWave applet allows the user to click and drag a puck on the computer screen. The applet displays the... see more

Shockwave simulation of basic projectile motion. The Scientific Slugger imitates a ball being hit perfectly by a major... see more

Kinematic equations can be applied to predict the final parameter's of a projectile's motion. Apply the equations to... see more

Projectile motion simlation lab usiing PHET resource. Made for a general physics course.

An applet for demonstrating projectile motion. Extensive explanatory text included.

Ballistics Simulation: Exploring gravity, kinetic energy, potential energy and atmospheric drag using the cannon

Part of an online interactive textbook that covers basic principles of kinematics. Includes bibliography.