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Laboratory exercises for use in introduction to physical geology: 1. Rock cycle, 2. Rock-forming minerals -... see more

Interactive simulation that allows students to learn the principles behind the determiniation of the epicenter and... see more

A great variety of processes affect the surface of the Earth. Topics to be covered are production and movement of... see more

Four interrelated lesson plans explore the dynamic nature of the Sun, magnetic fields of the Earth, magnetic... see more

Enter three arrival times in seconds to see where the epicenter occurred (triangulation).

Virtual Earthquake is an interactive Web-based activity designed to introduce you to the concepts of how an earthquake... see more

Uses seismic detectors to determine the activtity occuring at a chosen region. Gives real time data to use a a lab or... see more

Start the lesson or unit with some great animations explaining earthquakes, from PBS Savage Earth series, online. After... see more

Teach students about P-waves and S-waves by having them model them with their own bodies.

An online course on California Geology. Starts with some basic geology then presents specific geology found in... see more

This site has nice moving videos of the types of earth quakes.

This is a free online textbook offered by Saylor Foundation. 'Essentials of Geographic Information Systems integrates key... see more

This book (1) describes the distribution and nature of geothermal energy, (2) reviews the common types of geothermal... see more

The Earth Through Time module examines our planet in terms of its major systems; the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere,... see more

Discovery of over 300 faults in texas and its possible consequences

Interactive database of recent earthquakes around the world.

Esta actividad ilustra cómo se utilizan las ondas sísmicas para determinar la magnitud de un terremoto y para localizar... see more

Make a Quake is an interactive computer program designed to explain what kind of damage occurs during an earthquake to... see more

Felt an earthquake? Check it out and see. Use as a reserch site to see the Earth is a dynamic place to live. Shows even... see more

This course begins by introducing students to aspects of fluid dynamics relevant to transport and deposition of... see more

This course covers the following questions. What are the predominant heat producing elements of the Earth? Where and how... see more

The aim of this course is to introduce the principles of the Global Positioning System and to demonstrate its application... see more

This graduate level course presents theories, methodologies, and applications of seismic imaging for solving the shallow... see more

This course discusses phase transitions in Earth's interior. Phase transitions in Earth materials at high pressures and... see more