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This report was presented to MERLOT in 2002 and was conducted by the faculty at the University of Waterloo.

MERLOT conducts a variety of assessments of their tools and processes. This document is a sample of assessment activities... see more

The research report examined the communications for MERLOT Online Discipline Communities and was conducted to develop a... see more

The Center for Usability in Design and Assessment (CUDA) at CSU, Long Beach conducted an on-line survey on how faculty... see more

The Institutional Change Assessment Tool (ICAT) is an online self-assessment that helps colleges determine their current... see more

The documents provides a table describing the evaluation methods for each MERLOT Program, Outcomes anticipated, Measures,... see more

The following plan for evaluation of MERLOT and its programs is being designed to fulfill two primary needs. First,... see more

MERLOT recognized the need to develop a collection of testimonials on why MERLOT is valuable to the individuals and the... see more

The report summaries the participants' evaluation of the CATS 2003 conference achieving its goals, providing quality... see more

Faculty from the 4 founding institutional partners participated in a 2 day workshop on developing evaluation standards... see more

This document describes the process that CUDA follows in conducting usability evaluations for MERLOT and other... see more