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Defining sex, gender, and sexuality. Development of rights on sexual orientation and gender identity. Challenges faced by... see more

This is a workshop and facilitation guide to support B.C. post-secondary institutions to prevent and respond to sexual... see more

AAU and its member institutions are dedicated to supporting an environment in which students, staff, and faculty can... see more

This video discusses the human rights obligations of business. It looks at the evolving concept of human rights duties of... see more

This video discusses the Convention on the Rights of the Child, key children rights, and rights of children to education,... see more

This video looks at the right to development, and the Rights Based Approach (RBA) to Development. It looks at violations... see more

This video explores the links between the environment and human rights by explaining the right to a clean environment,... see more

This video explains the main concepts of human rights, such as universality, and examines the emergence of modern human... see more

Human Rights Watch investigates and reports on abuses happening in all corners of the world. We are roughly 450 people of... see more

Overview of rights of Indigenous and minority groups in Southeast Asia, the development of standards for the rights of... see more

This video explains the development of migrant workers’ rights in international law. It discusses the discrimination... see more

This video examines the bodies which protect human rights in Southeast Asia such as ASEAN, National Human Rights... see more

Overview of the Refugee Convention, and the development of refugee rights. Examination of the situation of refugees in... see more

This video discusses discrimination faced by People with a disability (PWDs) and their human rights in the Convention on... see more

The Safer Campuses for Everyone training is a 75 minute online, self-paced, and non-facilitated training on preventing... see more

This video details the causes of statelessness in Southeast Asia and the threats to the rights of stateless persons. The... see more

This video examines women's human rights from the CEDAW treaty. It defines discrimination and investigates how this... see more

Printer setup instructions: 1. Unwrap the new HP Printer and place it on a smooth surface. 2. Take the new USB Cables to... see more