Learning Exercise

Counting in Binary

This interactive animation demonstrates counting in the binary number system while simultaneously showing it in the decimal system.
Course: Computers - introductory; Mathematics

Visual representation w/sound of binary (base-2) ripple counting, to match a Hinu Arabic (base-10) number. see more


This assignment combines both instructions on using the learning object and an assignment. Please see: http://www.sunyrockland.edu/Members/laaron/merlot/assn-binary-nums.doc

Technical Notes

Flash player is required.


Understanding of the decimal number system. Some understanding of data is stored in the computer.


Counting and data representation in the binary number system.

Learning Objectives

- Representation of data in the binary number system. - Familiarity with the concept of other number systems.


The assignment contains room for answers and can be handed in for instructor assessment or reviewed as a group.