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Anatomy Tutorial

This assignment is a set of questions that goes along the cancer tutorial.

This website is a tutorial that explains the basics of cancer and mutations. It is a simple introduction to what cancer... see more


Anatomy Tutorials Directions • Go to www.froguts.com • Click on demos • Click on begin • Follow the directions of the dissection and answer the following questions 1. What is the first step of the dissection process? 2. What is an abdomen? 3. Make a list of the organs found in the frog. Directions • Go to http://www.abc.net.au/science/lcs/swf/heart.swf • Read through the introduction • Click on enter • Click on anatomy in the top left corner 1. Draw out the heart on your paper, label the names of the parts of the heart, and write the job next to each one. • Click on surgery on the top left corner and then click on intern right below it. • Go through the entire surgery by following the directions for each procedure. 2. Explain what you learned about open heart surgery by going through the actual surgery. (one paragraph) Directions • Go to http://www.insidecancer.org/ • Click on overview • There are eight tutorials and for each tutorial you are going to go through all of it and answer the questions. I have separated the questions for each tutorial. Overview 1. Name at least three types of cancers. 2. How does cancer begin? 3. What happens to our cells as we get older? 4. Explain what a tumor mass is. Growing Uncontrollably 1. Cancer cells do not respond to what? Evading Death 1. Explain the process of a cell dying or killing itself. What are the steps to programmed cell death? Processing Nutrients 1. How does a tumor get nutrition to continue surviving and growing? Becoming Immortal 1. What are telomeres and how do they work? Invading Tissues 1. What is the cause of most human cancer deaths? Avoiding Detection 1. What are the two parts of the immune system? Promoting Mutations 1. What is genomic instability?


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