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Crisis at Fort Sumter

Crisis at Fort Sumter goes through the process followed by President Abraham Lincoln as he decided whether or not to attack and retain Fort Sumter in the recently seceded state of South Carolina.
Course: United States History

"Crisis at Fort Sumter" is an interactive historical simulation and decision making program. Using text, images, and... see more


CLICK "go to material." Navigate the site. Search: Background, Dilemmas of Compromise, Lincoln's Inaugural Address, Initial Problems of Forts Pickens and Sumter, Hesitation and Decision, Final Order, and And the War Came. Write a 7-9 page paper answer the following questions: 1) Could the attack on Fort Sumter have been avoided?, 2) At what stages of Lincoln's decision making proces could the attck on Fort Sumter been replaced by an alternative and what were the alternatives?, 3) Do you agree with Lincoln's decision to attack Fort Sumter? Explain why or why not.

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Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with a deeper understanding of the events leading to the bombardment of Fort Sumter.


7-9 page paper.