Learning Exercise

Using your "m" and "b" skills to graph lines

Students will complete a variety of tasks and questions about the "y = mx + b" graphing technique, testing the students knowledge of the given topic.
Course: Regents Algebra

This learning object gives the student the equation y = mx + b and first asks the student to move the line to the... see more


Students will be given and asked to complete a list of five (5)examples using the "y = mx + b" applet by Larry Green. After the students complete the five graphs, they will write down the five line equations they were given, answer the short answer questions that follow.


Students mustuderstand: - axes (x, y and their locations) - slope - y-intercept - variables - fractions


Graphing using y = mx + b

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to: - identify slope and y-intercept from a graph - understand and identify the difference between a negative vs a positive slope - Identify possible misunderstandings that students could have graphing using y = mx + b


After completing the assignment the students will write a paragraph describng the difficulty they had with the program and how it could be improved or possible difficulties they feel other students might come acrossed while graphing (using Y = mx + b). They will also be given a quiz in class the next day, identifying various graphs and their equations.