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Graphing the line y = mx + b

Graphing the line y = mx + b

This learning object gives the student the equation y = mx + b and first asks the student to move the line to the correct y-intercept and then rotate for the correct slope


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shauna mccown
shauna mccown (Student)
5 years ago

I would use this as a graphing practice tool for my students.  I like the more information page.  Before using the site, you will need to teach and practice graphing using slope-intercept.  

Technical Remarks:

A snap grid would work best with the graphing tool.  It was difficult to place the point and the line.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Andy Ma
Andy Ma (Student)
9 years ago
Learning how to graph a line was quite easy with this program. It taught me where to place the mark for the Y intercepts and a learned more about the rise over run theory. The next step after graphing the lines is to now solve for Y!

Technical Remarks:

It was kind of buggy because when I wanted to put in the Y intercept, it kept giving me a hint and never let me put it in. I had to refresh and do a new problem.
Time spent reviewing site: One hour working on the rise over run methods.
Jay Holden
Jay Holden (Staff)
9 years ago
I think this a great teaching tool as it provides hints and instructional support as the student attempts to use the applet. For example, if you get the y-intercept number correct but did not take into account if it was potitive or negative, it will tell you to focus on the sign. Also if you get the slope mixed up for run over rise instead of the correct format it will hint at correcting for "rise over run". A great tool for any level of education.

Technical Remarks:

Java required
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Nathanael DeVine
Nathanael DeVine (Student)
10 years ago
I think that this is site is a great tool to assist individuals with one of the most frequently mistake and often times more difficult tasks to accomplish in the classroom: Graphing. I think that the site is very user friendly and assists greatly with the graphing process. I found when using the site however, it can be a bit touchy and being off ever so slightly when moving the line around on the graph does make it not quite as user-friendly as I would prefer, but all things considered, a very effective and helpful site.
Christopher Kensy
Christopher Kensy (Faculty)
10 years ago
I felt the applet would be very beneficial to help students and test their understanding of graphing using y = mx + b. This program would be great to use as a computer work day with or without a partner in class. It gives hints and corrects students as they make mistakes.

Technical Remarks:

The use of the internet would help attract all students especially those who are technologically driven.
Used in course? Yes
Amit Rajwani
Amit Rajwani (Student)
10 years ago
My first reaction after exploring this website was “Amazing”. I spent few hours in browsing, exploring and understanding the material. This website is very useful for students who are enrolled in algebra. It briefly explains the Equations of Lines. This website has a great feature, where you can practice graphing online. When you click on Information on graphing lines it also shows us the definition of parallel and perpendicular lines. I remember when I was enrolled in an Algebra class many students were confused about the perpendicular lines. I think this website has great and organized instructions on how to solve a problem. It also has some examples, so that we can understand the material better. This website also has two point slope formula that I have studied in my finite mathematics class. This website not only gives us information on how to solve a problem, but also educates us about formulas. It has some useful links so that you can explore some more information. I think students will learn the material better, if they explore this website. At last I would like to say that, it is very useful website to learn about Graphing the line y = mx + b and I would recommend to everyone to explore the material.
Used in course? Yes
Ralph Topete
Ralph Topete (Student)
11 years ago
This site is extremely helpful for those enrolled in an Algebra class. It helps students to be able to determine differences between rise and run which is used for the slope of the line. It identifies how to dissect an equation in the y=mx+b format to properly graph a line. The site also helps in graphing more than one line (parallel and perpendicular lines). This site provides great help for students in graphing lines and will definitely help build a strong foundation for any future math classes. The site provides quality formulas and has links to other sites for any other help needed for an Algebra class. This site is a great resource and I believe this would be an effective tool for helping students to learn and refresh on graphing the line y=mx+b.
Used in course? Yes