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Mayan Astronomy

The Maya developed a very sophisticated study of astronomy, which enabled them to create a very accurate calendar and conduct mathematical calcuations, and make predictions. This site provides the opportunity to explore this preColumbian knowledge.
Course: Latin American History

This annotated listing includes books, articles, and websites that deal with the astronomy of diverse cultures around... see more


Instructions: Read the Introduction. SCROLL down to and CLICK Astronomy of Central America (Maya and Aztec Cultures). CLICK Find your birthday in the Maya Calendar. Question # 1: Calculate your birthday in the Maya Calendar. CLICK and Read Maya Astronomy Page (Dawn Jenkins), Maya Astronomy Page (Leslie Jenkins), MesoAmerican Archaeoastronomy (James Jacobs), and Venus and the Maya (about Uxmal). Write a 5-7 page paper describing the Mayan understanding of astronomy.
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Astronomy Maya Mexico Americas

Learning Objectives

To provide students with a more detailed understanding of the Maya development of astronomy, their calendar system, and study of the planets.


5-7 page paper.