Learning Exercise

Animoto: Introducing Educational Content

Students create an online video clip using 12-15 still images that will be used for introducing or summarizing specific educational content.
Course: Curriculum Theory and Practice

Their first release is Animoto, a web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos using... see more


The heart of Animoto is its newly developed Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology that thinks like an actual director and editor. It analyzes and combines user-selected images and music with the same sophisticated post-production skills & techniques that are used in television and film.

Using Animoto or Animoto for Education (geared for K-12 use) and at least 12-15 images, create an online clip that you can use for introducing or summarizing specific educational content. Consider basic skills that need to be taught. There would be a sequence there. Or what about background information to anchor your introduction to a new unit of study? Or you documented a class project that led to a culminating activity with all the students.

You will need to create a free account at Animoto, upload your images, select music, and click the finalize button. Music is available at the site from artists who have given permission for their work to be used online in video. If you upload your own music, you must make sure you have followed copyright laws. (If you are asked you will need to provide documentation.)

Once your clip is generated, go to it and copy the URL at the top of the browser. Paste that URL into an email along with the title of your clip and send it to your instructor by the designated date. Your instructor will generate an online list of everyone's video clips for peer review work in an upcoming assignment.


Technical Notes

Animoto Shorts are 30-seconds in length and free for everyone. You can produce, remix, and share as many as you'd like. You cannot download these clips, but they are stored in your account at the Animoto web site. Animoto Shorts are free. You can make, share, and remix as many as you want. Producing a full-length video costs $3 and includes the ability to download the video to your computer. You may buy as many individual full-length video projects as you wish. An All-Access Pass, which allows you to make an unlimited number of full-length videos for one year, costs $30. With an All-Access Pass, you can download any of your videos, whether they're Video Shorts or full-Length videos.


Students should know how to take digital images and upload them to the internet.


The power of visuals and music in introducing a lesson, unit, or procedure. Making an impact with an introduction or summary. Motivation with sound and images.

Learning Objectives

1. Learners will take at least 15 digital images documenting an introduction or summary to specific subject matter content.

2. Learners will create a free account at Animoto, upload their images, select appropriate music, and click the mix button.

3. Learners will copy the URL of the generated video clip at the top of the browser, paste that URL into a class email along with the title of the clip, and send it to their instructor by the designated due date.


This assignment will be based on the rubric created online at iRubric specifically for this task.

Rubric: Animoto Video Clip Rubric