Learning Exercise

Membranes and Cell Structure

In an introductory biology course, a lecture is often devoted to describing the functions of each organelle. While this information is important, it can be fairly dry and presented more as a laundry list. The purpose of this activity is to get students to engage the material out of class for a first exposure and identification of the components of a cell and membrane. Then the functions and more complex details can be expanded on in lecture.

This site provides information about cell components (such as cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum,... see more


This is a simple one page assignment that can be given to students and collected, an online quiz developed for assessment, or just as a review. There are links to several online tutorials in which students can find answers to these questions.


Membranes and Cell Structure

Learning Objectives

To give students a first exposure to the functions of organelles and components of a membrane out of class so that they are familiar with the terms before lecture.


The assignment could be collected and graded or you could develop a quiz to test the students on their understanding of the material.