Learning Exercise

Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic

A one page activity that takes students to several websites related to the obesity epidemic. First they can calculate BMI, then learn about national trends in the rate of obesity and finally use a tutorial on insulin and diabetes.

Students learn about negative feedback regulation of glucose and play the role of doctor to determine if Ben, a fellow... see more


The details and links are in the attached file. This is a simple, one page activity that provides links and questions to guide students through our current understanding of the link between the obsesity epidemic and diabetes.


Diabetes and Obesity

Learning Objectives

To help students see the link between diet, obesity and diabetes. To do this they need to be able to combine information from several different sites and answer specific questions.


We use online quiz questions to assess student understanding of the materials in the activity. You could also have the students turn in their sheets for grading if you have a smaller class.