Learning Exercise

Understanding the impact of globalization

This assignment may be used along with the Giddens lecture on globalization. It can also work as an assignment in class to have people begin thinking about the impact of globalization. An initial viewing of the lecture can prime the students thinking followed by small group breakouts to answer the questions.

A BBC website featuring Dr. Anthony Giddens, a prominent sociologist from the the London School of Economics, giving a... see more


1) Think about your daily routine (in terms of the food, clothes, products and
transportation that you utilize) and comment on how these things are impacted by


2) How is your daily work impacted by globalization?

3) What are some of the political, cultural and technological impacts of
globalization as it relates to the operation of organizations?

4) Compare and contrast the political, cultural and economic systems of two
countries. How are they similar? How are they different? How might these
differences impact the role of a manager? How might these differences affect
business operations?

5) In general, what types of skills does a global manager need to succeed?



A general understanding of the concepts of politics, culture, technology and business would be useful.


Globalization, International Management, Technology, Politics

Learning Objectives

1) To help students recognize the pervasive impact that globalization has on our day to day lives. 2)
To reflect upon the impact of globalization beyond purely economic terms. To explore differences and similarities between two countries. 4) To understand how these differences may impact the management and operations of businesses in each country.