Learning Exercise

Learning Styles Questionnaire

People process information in different ways. These differences are related to preferences and learning styles. Visit the link and take a self-paced, online, learning styles questionnaire to discover your learning style.
Course: Valuable for students in any course.

This is an on-line survey that can be taken to determine your preferred Learning Style. see more


Step 1: Prior to taking the learning style questionnaire, think about your
experiences in school. Under what conditions did you learn best?

Step 2: Take the learning style questionnaire and print out the results
provided by the web site.

Step 3: Learn about your dominant learning style and relate the information
back to your self-assessment in step 1. Do the results of your test match your
own assessment of how you learn best?

Step 4: Write a paragraph on what you learned by taking the test and how this
information will help you be successful in higher education. What are your weak
areas and what can you do to strengthen those areas? What is your strength
with regard to learning? How can you capitalize on your strengths in different



Ability to use a computer and the Internet.

Learning Objectives

Students will discover their learning style. Students will articulate through a written assignment why it is helpful to know this information. Students will respect differences upon learning that everyone learns differently.