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Index of Learning Styles

Index of Learning Styles

This is an on-line survey that can be taken to determine your preferred Learning Style.


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Joanie Bergstrom
Joanie Bergstrom (Content Developer/Instructional Designer)
11 years ago

This is a well researched resource though it would be helpful to have pertinent information on the page with the results; however, using it requires extensive preparation to fully understand.

Technical Remarks:

Good but lacks visulal stimulation.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour 20 minutes
Jessica Dreistadt
Jessica Dreistadt (Student)
11 years ago

This is an excellent reference for both students and teachers. The results can help professors better meet the needs of their students and students better adapt to various teaching styles.  I would like to see how the four dimensions interact with one another within individuals.

Technical Remarks:

The site is simple to use and offers a lot of information. I was able to take the assessment in just a few minutes.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 mins.
Dr. R. Lee Viar IV
Dr. R. Lee Viar IV (Faculty)
12 years ago

I found the site to be easy to utilize and the questions and subsequent results prompted quite a bit of discussion. Some of the prescribed results I may have wanted to have more detail provided, but as a starting point in the learning style assessment process, it suited its purpose.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 30 Minutes
Sherrie Lewis
Sherrie Lewis (Faculty)
12 years ago

These materials will help students understand their learning styles so they can participate in ativities that maximize comprehension.

Glenna Pendleton
Glenna Pendleton (Faculty)
13 years ago
Learning styles is an important concept that educators often need to undestand to be successful in the classroom. However,44 questions is a little long (the questionnaire described on this page).
Raman K. Attri
Raman K. Attri (Consultant)
13 years ago
This is a good tool to make your own learning profile. It could be used to create learning preferences/ styles of students on day 1 of a training session or as a ice breaker also with double advantage.

Technical Remarks:

The display of scale is bit non-readable. The learning preferences have been abbreviated here. It would be good to provide full name of learning preferences on the scale.
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Renee Wheaton
Renee Wheaton (Staff)
13 years ago
I teach a regular education class in which more than 2/3 of the class has an IEP or 504 plan. Besides teaching the curriculum of biology, I am trying to help each student improve on their study habits and individual learning strengths. I used this online quiz on the first day of class and after all of them had printed their results we talked about what the individual results meant. Many of their results indicated activities or experiences were their desired learning styles. The results didn't surprise me, but it gave me an opportunity to show the students that they were individuals who had different needs and that we would try to address those needs. I collected the results, made individual comments in regards to their strengths and then made copies of the results before I handed the originals back to them.
Used in course? Yes
Debra Wingfield
Debra Wingfield (Faculty)
15 years ago
I have used the assessment in faculty development programs as a way of stimulating discussion about learning styles and the various learning style theories that are available. It helps emphasize the point that there is still much to learn about learners!

Technical Remarks:

Very easy to use, well laid out.
Used in course? Yes
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood (Other)
16 years ago
An interesting take on learning styles. I found the information very useful.
Dr. Troy Tenhet
Dr. Troy Tenhet (Faculty)
17 years ago
I spent some time taking this quiz myself. I think that I'll have my 34 sixth
graders and my 46 adult school ESL students take the quiz. I think it is a good
idea as we try to focus our students and try to show them the way that we all
reach the objectives of any lesson.

Technical Remarks:

This should be easy to use. I will report back if this is not the case. I have
learned that both sets of my students are eager to complete a tech integrated
Used in course? Yes
Roger Woodard
Roger Woodard (Faculty)
19 years ago
I have used this instrument for over 3000 students in introductory statistics
courses. We found the resulting information very useful. It is very
informative for instructors to see a summary of the types of learners in their
courses. For instance after finding that the majority of my students were visual
learners I added many more visual representations of topics to my class.
Used in course? Yes
Dyan Pease
Dyan Pease (Faculty)
20 years ago
I found the results accurate when I took the test myself. Many of my students
are unaware of their learning style and I am planning to implement the topic
into the beginning of my course as a way to help students understand how they

Technical Remarks:

The test was easy to take and the information provided to explain one's learning
style was good.
Cathy Swift
Cathy Swift (Administrator)
22 years ago
I found the results fairly accurate when completing the survey on myself.
However, I found the graphic measures of the concepts somewhat primitive. Also,
I would like to see a description of each type rather than having to click on
another page and go back and forth.