Learning Exercise

Feed The Fish

This assignment will appeal to the naturalistic multiple intelligence learner.
Course: Biology/zoology

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Technical Notes

Find published studies on the diet compostion of three different species of fish native to South Dakota:
a) One mainly herbivore
b) One omnivore
c) One typical carnivore
Process: The in-class assignment will be to divide the students into three groups. Each group will have an aquarium with fish included within one of the three categories of diet composition. The flora included in the aquarium and diet of the fish will be based on the research that the students have completed. Students will take notes on their observations of the aquariums. Each student will write a report of his/her observations, and include the sources of his/her research in the form of a bibliography. Each group will make a presentation of their aquarium in form of a poster to the class.


Knowledge of aquarium management on a small scale is required.



Type of Task

Learning Objectives

The student will be able to appreciate how different species of fish contribute to biodiversity.